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Amarco case study: A Banking Management System

Purpose of this case study Demonstrate how Amarco gets the global view of a new information system, including a "datawarehouse"
Demonstrate the expression power of the Amarco's concepts and tools in presenting the information. Thus the communication with management / designers / suppliers is improved

A banking institution develops a new management system using the information supplied by the existing "production" information system. The new system integrates a datawarehouse and synthesizes information for bank's commercial, marketing and management divisions.

The Amarco vision being "service" oriented, we will not investigate the details of the datawarehouse system. This system is integrated as a component in the global system, so we can analyze it from service point of view. In other words, we define what we need from the datawarehouse system. Consequently, suppliers may suggest products: they know what is needed!



External architecture

The external architecture puts boundaries around the system. So we can see the outside systems, how they are connected and what services are exchanged.

Management system - External Architecture

Internal architecture

The internal architecture shows the components. The service points seen from the exterior are now mapped on internal objects.

Management system - internal architecture

Object isolation

We can display only the connections relative to an object. It is clear what service points (interfaces) are to be respected if we proceed to a replacement.

Isolated object (system)

Specialized view

To improve system visibility, and to stress peculiar aspects, we can show only a selected category of service points. In this diagram we present only the administration links between component objects.

Management system -  Administration view

Technology view

The management system may be represented also by taking into account the various information technologies that are present in its structure. The service points are scattered on various technology -oriented infrastructures. Thus we can see the various exchanges that take place between technology environments. A more detailed view may show the effective communication links, with service points like TCP/IP, X25, SNA etc.

Technological view

Component object - external architecture

If we take into account a component object, we can first present it as an external architecture.

Component object of the Management system

Component object - internal architecture

The internal architecture shows the objects that constitute its structure. Somewhere there is a datawarehouse...

Component object - Internal architecture

Behavior - an execution scenario

We can map an execution scenario on the internal structure of the system. In this diagram we choose to underline two phases that seemed important for the presentation of the system before a high-ranking manager.

Execution scenario (1)

Behavior - another scenario

On this same structure we can map another execution scenario:

Execution scenario (2)