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nothing.gif (43 octets)Software authored by Ion Alexandre CARTIANT

Ion Cartiant - MCSD certification Ion Cartiant - MCP certification

MCP, MCSD Certifications:

  • MP SQL Server 2000 : design, administration
  • VB6 : Desktop, Distributed, 
  • Requirements, solution architecture

These packages are distributed by Sysoft.

Financial software

Amarco Pricer Multi technology pricer framework
Amarco grid Financial grid for windows applications

Portal for document distribution

Sysoft Portal A portal developed with Microsoft.NET technology, to control the distribution of Ion Cartiant' documents (high school courses, software...). The portal integrates an original CRM module.
This software is no more used at this time

Animation software for process diagrams

Unistep Visio animation stencil for workflow, flowchart, process diagrams


Support software for Amarco method

Amarco Designer Interactive design of a repository of systems and processes
Amarco Repository Organizes the information in conceptual objects
Amarco Cartography Generates  cartographic diagrams based on Amarco Repository. It uses Microsoft Visio to draw.
Amarco Net Publishes and helps navigate through the results of an Amarco analysis. 
Amarco Mobile Autonomous animation of Visio diagrams. 


Personal management software

Nino Contacts Contacts and action manager
OrMedia File manager

Telecommunication software

IC80® BSC 2780 / 3780 emulation. Some 400 licenses were sold in the 80's. DOS-PC. The software had extra features like PC to PC file transfer with original file name generation and checkpoints (in 1984). Able to resume a failed transmission.
IC80a Asynchone A PC file transfer package, using asynchronous block transfer, with checkpoints. A transposition of IC80 for asynchronous mode transfer. Able to resume a failed transmission.
MULTIBAC® client Communication software implementing the ETEBAC 1,2,3 protocol (a French banking protocol, supporting information data exchange between enterprises and banks). Some 300 licenses, also distributed by major banks in France (Société Générale, Banque Paribas). DOS-PC
MULTIBAC® Asynchrone Communication software implementing the ETEBAC 3 protocol with asynchronous X25 access (PAD). Developed in 1992. About sixty licenses distributed by the Paribas Bank. It is the most economical solution for clients and for banks ( no more BSC support). But some specialists had second thoughts - it was too simple, too cheap, too obvious....DOS-PC
MULTIBAC® serveur Communication software implementing the ETEBAC 1,2,3 protocol, server side. About ten licenses (including Bank of Boston, Bank of America, Westminster Bank...). DOS-PC
RONDO Communication software implementing the ETEBAC 1,2,3 protocol, server side. One of the first objet (C++) solutions in telecommunications - 1991. I was invited and presented it at OOPSLA'92 - Vancouver, BC - Canada (beautiful city, Canadian rockies too !). Very effective : it manages four BSC lines and four X25 virtual circuits simultaneously (DOS). With an intuitive interface (Turbo Vision - Borland). I had to develop a little OS: memory, events, timers, tasks management...)
TRIO An ETEBAC 1,2 (BSC) - ETEBAC 3 (X25) gateway. DOS. The most economical solution to get rid of BSC on mainframes. It was installed and worked in real execution environment at the Worms Bank and CREDINTRANS company. Amusing: it showed the approximations of some brand name banking telecommunication software...

These software were marketed by Sysoft.

Other software

P1024 It is a communication protocol used by SITA - Aeronautical telecommunications. At that time (1979...) I was at CII-HB. A first in France - develop communications protocols for Level6 computers (Honeywell).
X25 on PC Communication software implementing the X25 protocol. A first (?), presented at SICOB, 1984. It was also a demonstration for software portability - the same code was used for two X25 products : on RMX86 system (Intel), and for DOS. You see, reuse does not need objects !
PRESIMON Conversion software implementing the ISO 8583 norm, used in banking authorizations (1994). Developed for CEDICAM (a branch of Crédit Agricole). DOS - PC, with an "object" interface. It was also a software demonstration portability - the software was ported in mainframe environments..