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Automatic Visio drawing using database information

Visio + Sql Server, Access

Your requirements

You have to manage a lot of Visio diagrams that display how your systems are organized.  You appreciate Visio's features for Web export. You would like to take advantage of Visio's quality and build upon its possibilities.

Your pain

  • The diagrams are done manually. The maintenance is a chore. Errors are numerous and require manual redraw. You need time to assure this service. Because time is lacking, diagrams are not updated and users grumble...


With Amarco you can produce automatically Visio drawings with information stored in a SQL Server 2000 database or Microsoft Access database. You can use your preferred Visio shapes for best communication impact. You may export the system drawings as web pages with drill up, drill down navigation capability.

But as you store this information in the database, you can now publish automatically your diagrams as Web pages, with navigation links and associated information pages.

Amarco Cartography acts as a Visio diagram manager that helps you manage all your diagrams and maintain them for you.

Search criteria for Visio diagrams Diagrams found  after search
Search diagrams in database Diagrams found

You can use your preferred Visio shapes for the diagrams. Amarco will use them during the automatic draw phase.

Automatic system drawing : Visio + SQL server

Amarco can draw automatically your diagrams and keep them up to date when you add / delete connections. You can see a dynamic demonstration of this process.

Underline interface type

The interface color may be chosen according to their classification criteria. The associated legend is also generated automatically.

Display interface according to their classification criteria

You may also display dynamically the traffic in your network, example here!

Also, here an automatically generated  functional analysis diagram.