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Human resources dynamic site

Using a long standing experience in dynamic professional webs design and implementation, “HR web” is a dynamic site that manages people assignments to departments, taking into account some specific procedures used in Asia, and producing management reports with dynamic graphs.  It compares the provisional department budget with the real monthly values.

It is proof of concept web site, using as technologies DotNet aspx, Microsoft Sql Server database, Web dynamic graphics, Ajax. The site is on line here.

HR Web was developed using Visual Studio 2013, C#, Microsoft Sql Server 2012, Ajax.

For more information how to adapt this web site technology to your requirements, please contact Sysoft.

HR site screen shots

Login with various levels of credentials (manager, department manager…)

HR Web login

Department personnel, salary with individual control

HR service forecast

Department monthly provision


Monthly forecast versus real figures

Reporting with graph

HR software reporting with graphs