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Amarco Grid

Drill down datagrid for financial asset management applications

Using the Amarco architecture concepts and leveraging our financial asset management activity, we designed a dedicated datagrid that displays hierarchical information targeted at this industry. We checked various other possibilities, but the required effort to move from simplistic demo applications to real time usage decided us to develop a customized solution.

Amarco Grid - hierarchical datagrid for asset management

Main features of Amarco Grid are :

  • Drag/ drop filtering

  • Drag/ drop hierarchical display with automatic totals

  • One button additional filtering

  • One button hierarchical display along preferred organization criteria

  • Move columns and save the new position

Amarco grid may be quickly integrated in your application so you, fund managers, ... can start using top of the line professional data presentation.

The first version is supported in Windows Forms. WPF ands Silverlight versions coming soon.