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Interface repository and management

Your requirements

Make an inventory of the interfaces in your system:

  • Analyze what systems uses what interface
  • Associate each interface with multiple organization criteria and documents
  • Display dynamically this information on a Web site
  • Display some meaningful diagrams

Your problems

  • At this time - service absent,  or Excel sheets only...


Amarco is an effective tool to organize and manage the interfaces of your systems. You may export the interface organization as web pages with drill up , drill down navigation capability.

A repository module stores all information about your interfaces in an organized way. You can associate various organization criteria with these interface information. For example:

Criteria Values for criteria
Data format HTML
Messaging type Batch
  database link
  Request / reply
Technology Corba
  Web service

A search form makes available all the organization criteria for a powerful search.

Select the search criteria Interface search criteria


You find the interfaces that respect your search criteria.

You can navigate in the repository and find the systems that use these interfaces

Interfaces found

Interface details

Service point (interface)

All this information is also available through the on line dynamic web site (Amarco Net).

Display how interfaces are used

You can produce automatically drawing with the interface usage. The graphical shapes may be used from Visio stencils. The automatic drawing works with them.

Show how interfaces are used

In this picture the interface colors are selected randomly. You can also request the display of interface colors depending on some classification criteria selected by you.

Display systems and interfaces according to their taxonomy

All these diagrams can also be exported as high quality Web pages.