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Your IT systems requirements, search, problems...

Are you currently searching for a sound solutions, simple, intuitive, for requirements like:

  • Manage several (hundreds) IT applications and their exchanges
  • Display graphically the architecture of these applications without loosing essential details or passing an infinite time keeping it up to date
  • Design new application by taking into account the interfaces required to exchange with other IT applications
  • Avoid "spaghetti" developments
  • Integrate a new application in an existing environment
  • Display and maintain your current architecture view
  • Communicate your architecture view to other people, departments, and be understood
  • An intuitive documentation system directly linked to the current IS architecture and made easily available on intranet / extranet
  • Display graphically the functions associated with the systems
  • Associate numerical data to the systems in the architecture
  • Manage IT systems versions... ?

If this is the case, Amarco might bring you the long waited practical solution!