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Amarco Grid examples

Drill down datagrid for financial asset management applications

Multiple level totals are supported. You just drag and drop the grid columns in the dedicated area. The totals will be displayed in your selection order. Each total row may have a dedicated color for quick reference. You may close/ open any level.

You may set any filter / totals combination.

Display by risk / non risk basket (CPPI like fonds)

The instruments are displayed in risk/ no risk category, then by instrument type

Drill down grid - display risk/ non risk basket


Display variation now/ next

Display the portfolio variation now / next (after orders)

Hierarchical grid - display variation


Filter by instrument type

Filter the instruments, display only "Bonds"

Hierarchical grid - filter by instrument type


Filter by date

Filter the instruments, display only  a date

Hierarchical grid - filter by date


Filter - display all instruments that are not monetary

Hierarchical grid - display all instruments NOT monetary

Drill down three levels, display totals only

Totals are displayed for each level.

Hierarcical grid - drill down three levels

Drill down by date

Drill down all instruments by date

Hierarchical grid - drill down by date