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Amarco is our solution for information systems architecture analysis, design and visualization. You develop a bright clear presentation of your systems and their dependencies. This eases their management and evolution. Also this enables a high quality internal communication

Usage principles

With Amarco you develop a inventory of your systems and interfaces. This inventory is used to create complex systems by "assembling" items (systems, interfaces) in an iterative way. Also a system can be "opened" to see its internal structure, and this may be continued in a iterative way too. The systems are visualized with drill-up, drill down navigation capabilities.

Technology principles

The architecture elements are defined by you and stored in a database. Using Microsoft Visio and the database, Amarco generates automatically great professional diagrams. This diagrams are later used to generate a high quality web with drill-up drill-down capability

We review here some problems and requirements that you may have now and that are related to your systems architecture. If that is the case, please take a look at our solutions.