ERP introduction in the enterprise- overview -
---- Information organization in an ERP
ERP - Enterprise Resource planning
ERP - Setup
Enterprise architecture – before ERP
Communication problems between the applications
IS Organization (without ERP)
Real example...
Information architecture with ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP History
ERP information characteristics
ERP information characteristics (2)
Technical architecture SAP
ERP organization
ERP – Technical organizationschema
Technical organization SAP (operating)
To make it work : Configuration »
Organizational structure
Common elements
Financial accounting view
Controlling view
Material management view
Sales and distribution view
Organizational structure
Material master
Material master views
Material master views (2)
Material type
Vendor masterInformation about external suppliers
Customer master
General ledger
Human resources master data
Modules organization)
Modules - development
Problems – definition and use
--- Setup constraints
Create the « AS IS » Picture
Analyze current business processes
« To be » target
Map business into ERP
General roadmap…
ERP - definition problems -- short list -
Problems incurred due to functional analysis
Define the time frame(multi-phase endeavor)
Other topics
Internal communication management, Team, Enterprise
--- Modeling
Process analysis (simulation)
Process hierarchy (BPS - BPR)
Process analysis
Relations Organizational entities - ERP
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