ERP introduction in an enterprise (analyze – external architecture )
SP Define FiABC policy
SP Reporting Administration board (AB)
Detailed external architecture
SP Supplier order
SP Supplier invoice
SP Supplier payment
SP Supplier quote
SP Define FiABC Policy
SP Reporting Administration board
SP supply subcontractor
SP Invoice subcontractor
SP Payment subcontractor
PS Order subcontractor
SP Bank
SP Invoicing CIT-FiABC
SP Invoicing FiABC-CIT
SP Material FiABC-CIT
SP Material CIT-FiABC
SP Quality
SP Group policy
SP Commercial Relations CIT-FiABC
SP Commercial Relations FiABC-CIT
SP Reporting CIT
SP Services FiABC-CIT
SP Services CIT-FiABC
SP Software CIT-FiABC
PS Software FiABC-CIT
SP Converter-FiABC
PS Billing Converter
SP Commercial relations FiABC-JV
SP commercial relations JV-FiABC
SP Services JV-FiABC
SP Services FiABC-JV
SP Billing FiABC-Client
SP Material FiABC-Client
SP Material Client-FiABC
SP Client site preparation
SP Client reclamations
SP Commercial Relations - client
SP Services FiABC-Client
SP Other subsidiaries (object ABC other)
SP Centralize info ERP
SP Update local ERP
SP Relations ABC Allemagne
SP Administration Reporting
SP Regulation
To be continued… (internal architecture )